Tween girls are notoriously difficult to shop for. They're no longer interested in dolls or Barbies, and a gift of makeup or nail polish is more than a little cliche. So what are parents to buy for their tween daughters this holiday season? I happen to have one of these mysterious creatures myself, and I've done quite a bit of brainstorming. Here are the gift ideas that have made my short list:

1. A Rainbow Loom

This may be the hottest holiday toy of 2013. The Rainbow Loom, and the rubber bands that accompany this bracelet-making contraption, are definitely trendy this season. If your daughter already has one, help her learn a few new tricks with the The Loomatic's Interactive Guide to the Rainbow Loom.

2. A Smart Girl's Guide to Money

I'm not a huge fan of the American Girl dolls, but my daughter enjoys some of the books they publish. And what tween doesn't need to be financially savvy? A Smart Girl's Guide to Money introduces girls to important concepts regarding saving and spending. If you have a budding entrepreneur on your hands as I do, take it a step further and buy her a book like Start It Up: The Complete Teen Business Guide to Turning Your Passions into Pay.

3. A Purple Guitar

Maybe it's just my almost-10-year-old who wants a purple guitar, but I think it's actually a great gift for a growing girl. A guitar (and maybe a few lessons to go along with it) can provide hours of entertainment, and boost girls' self-esteem as they master a fun new skill.

4. Monogrammed Note Pad Set

Girls love to write notes, so these customizable monogrammed note pads make a cute gift that will be much appreciated.

5. An iPod Shuffle

My kids have less technology than most of their peers, and my tween is no exception. No iPod Touch or Kindle ... I'm not ready for that. But an iPod Shuffle — which is relatively inexpensive and comes in a variety of fun colors — might be a good way to accomodate her growing interest in music.

6. Logo Loops

Tween girls love these soft headbands because they're highly customizable and incredibly comfortable. Logo Loops are a favorite in our house, so I'm always looking to invest in a few more.

7. Big Picture Apples to Apples

Most tweens aren't above enjoying a good, old-fashioned board game. Big Picture Apples to Apples is a fun and not-too-juvenile choice for this age group, as is Hedbanz Act Up.

8. Bedroom Decor

Tweens are often particular about their personal space, so a gift that spruces up her bedroom decor — as long as it is the correct color — might be a hit. This Plush Zebra Reversible Comforter Set is at the top of my daughter's list this year.

9. A Furby Boom

I don't understand the appeal of this toy at all. To me, it seems like a variation of the dreadful Baby Alive, modified to appeal to a wider audience. But the Furby Boom is big this year, and even my tween wants one. Whether she gets one remains to be seen.

10. A Dylan's Candy Bar Chocolate Fun-Due Kit

What tween — or adult — girl doesn't love chocolate? With a Chocolate Fun-Due Kit, she can create her own candy-coated confections, making this a pretty sweet holiday treat.

Are you shopping for a tween girl? What gift ideas do you suggest?