St. Patrick's Day foods tend to be loaded with fat and sugar, but it is possible to feed your family well and still celebrate the Irish holiday. Not sure what to prepare? We've rounded up 10 healthy, green dishes that are fun, festive, and most importantly, full of green.

1. Avocado Deviled Eggs

Avocado and plain yogurt replace the mayonnaise in Avocado Deviled Eggs, turning this protein-packed snack a delightfully festive shade of green. They're also perfect to make when you read a certain Dr. Seuss classic.

2. Frozen Green Fruit Skewers

Skewer green grapes and honeydew; then freeze for at least one hour. Teething toddlers will especially love this St. Patrick's Day snack.

3. Green Hummus with Rainbow Peppers

Kids love to dip, so it's easy to sneak spinach into one of their favorites. Try this recipe for Spinach Artichoke Hummus — and be sure to check out the picture where the red, yellow and green peppers are arranged to look like a rainbow.

4. Air-Popped Green Popcorn

Buy popcorn without the added butter and salt, and then use green food coloring and a bit of olive oil to turn it green. Your kids can enjoy a holiday snack, but without the fat and sugar in the store-bought green variety.

5. Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Spread a thin layer of cream cheese (try it with chives for extra flavor) on a piece of white bread, and top it with thinly sliced cucumbers. Cut the sandwiches into shamrock shapes using a cookie cutter.

6. Key Lime Yogurt Pie

Prefer a sweeter treat? Whip up this lighter version of the classic, and your family will never know it's healthy. No time to make Key Lime Yogurt Pie? Top key lime pie-flavored yogurt with crushed graham crackers or Teddy Grahams for a quick and tasty green snack.

7. Shrek Pasta

Okay, technically, this is pasta with pesto, but changing up the name is a great way to get your kids to eat green things. And what could be better to eat on St. Patrick's day than green pasta?

8. Green "Leprechaun" Rice

Call it Leprechaun Rice and your kids might give this one a try. Cumin, peas, and cilantro take this traditional side dish to a whole new level.

9. Magic Leprechaun Juice (also known as a Green Smoothie)

The green smoothie gets a bad rap, but if you follow this recipe for the Perfect Green Smoothie, you're likely to be happy with the results.

Plus, St. Patrick's Day is the perfect day to introduce the green smoothie to your kids, since you can call it "Magic Leprechaun Juice." Do you see a theme emerging here?

What are your favorite foods to eat on St. Patrick's Day?