Summer is the time to be outside enjoying the warm, sunny weather, but for some of us, myself included, it can be too hot to really enjoy it unless you're cooling off in the water. Don't get me wrong, I love summer, especially when it involves a refreshing dip in the pool on a hot day. I simply prefer a cooler climate, and in the Northeast, summer is about as short and sweet as it gets.

So it is with particular enthusiasm that I welcome the month of September and the beautiful weather that comes with it - cool crisp mornings followed by warm days; breezy afternoons under clear, cloudless skies; mild evenings perfect for bonfires and sleeping. What's not to love? The cooler weather makes it a perfect time to be actively doing things outside before things get too cold. All it takes is a little motivation and maybe a little inspiration.

What activities you choose to do doesn't matter, they key is to just do it. You can go for a walk or toss a ball around; walk your dog or go for a hike; ride your bike with family and friends. If you're feeling more ambitious, organize outdoor activities within your community like a soccer game or ultimate Frisbee. Choose activities that will get your heart rate going and better yet, break into a sweat, because the simple fact of the matter is, exercise should be a regular part of everybody's lifestyle.

Here are 10 good reasons why.

1. Exercise Is Good for Your Body

The experts are continually telling us what we intuitively already know: exercise and a healthy diet are two of the keys to good health. Being active gets the blood flowing, is good for our muscles and bones, and makes us feel better.

2. It's Good for Your Brain too

Research indicates that our minds benefit from getting more exercise. Kids do better in school, adults perform better at mental tasks, and seniors improve their cognitive functions. So get the whole family out there and enjoy.

3. It's a Time to Be With Family and Friends

Being active is a great way to spend quality time together with family and friends, and having other people involved is a great motivator. With our increasingly busy and fragmented lifestyles, the nuclear family needs every excuse it can get to be together.

4. You'll Get Some Fresh Air

For many of us, modern life revolves around time spent indoors at our jobs or at home, often in front of a screen. Being active releases you from the four walls that confine you and lets you breathe some fresh air, which in the end is what nature intended.

5. You'll be Away from the TV

Computers and TVs are an integral part of our lives, no question about it, but all that screen time affects our brains and metabolisms in strange ways. Getting outside and being active resets your body's rhythm and helps to clear the cobwebs from your brain.

6. It's Fun

We are a hard working culture, but everyone needs a break. Activities with family and friends can be fun, engaging, and healthy. Plus, the memories you create will last a lifetime, as opposed to that TV show you just watched, which you'll probably forget by next week.

7. It Gets You Out of Your Seat

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that human beings were simply not meant to be sitting for long periods of time. One of the requirements of being active is to actually get up out of your seat and move around.

8. You'll Put Away That Smartphone

We are often so distracted by our smartphones that we are never truly engaged in the moment. Exercise and group activities often (but not always) require that smartphones be turned off, returning our attention to the things that matter most, i.e., our family and health.

9. It Connects You With Your Community

Being out of the house and enjoying yourself is a great way to meet and greet your neighbors, and maybe even include them in the fun. A strong sense of community is believed to be a component of a long and healthy life in addition to exercise and a healthy diet.

10. It Builds Our Self-Esteem

When we're active and engaged in the world, it goes a long way to making us feel better about ourselves. The physical and emotional benefits are tangible, and let's face it, a strong sense of self-esteem is important for people of all ages.

With our busy and distracted lifestyles, there are countless excuses for not being active, so the key is to find a reason to just do it. Before engaging in any strenuous activity, consult with your doctor or a health expert. For more information about the importance of exercise, visit the website for the National Library of Medicine.