Everyone has one on their holiday shopping list: the person who has everything. What can you give someone who already owns every gift idea that comes to mind?

Avoid the trap of spending too much money on an item that you don't want to give them in the first place. Here are 10 ideas to consider:

1. Gift Cards to Their Favorite Stores

No, they're not impersonal, and yes, they're always appreciated. What stores does he shop at? What shops does she enjoy browsing? Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you let them select themselves. Don't forget online sites like iTunes and Amazon.

2. Gift Cards to Favorite Restaurants

In today's economy people are eating out less. Is there a new restaurant in town that your friend wants to try? Or is there a perennial favorite that she hasn't visited in months? Present her with a gift card to either.

3. Items They Enjoy But Won't Buy for Themselves

From a baseball hat sporting their favorite team's logo to bath accessories, such items are forgotten when money gets tight. Surprise them.

4. Accessories to Complement Recent Purchases

A bucket of car washing items for someone who just bought a car, ear buds for the new iPhone owner, hair styling products for the friend sporting a new hairstyle. All great examples of ways your gift can complement their recent buys.

5. Photo Gifts

Ideas for incorporating photos into gifts are endless: calendars, mouse pads, coffee mugs, coasters, blankets, and totes — just to name a few. Check out websites that let you design gifts from your home computer.

6. Donation to a Charity in Their Name

In this season a giving, make a donation to a charity in honor of the person on your list. Very often the organization will send a thank you note to the person, acknowledging the gift made in their name.

7. Food

Bake a loaf of homemade bread and deliver it with a bottle of their favorite wine or selection of teas and coffees. The busy family on the go might enjoy complimentary meals throughout the year with a gift card from companies like Schwan's or Omaha Steaks.

8. A Babysitter

For the parents on your list, give the gift of time to themselves. Offer to babysit the kids on the house while mom and dad catch dinner and a movie.

9. Themed Gifts

Pick a theme that complements this person's interests and build a gift. A popcorn bucket, bag of microwave popcorn, and gift card to Netflix is perfect for the movie buff. A gardening bag filled with tools suits the green thumb on your list. Here's your chance to get creative.

10. Money

There's never been anyone who's turned away this greenest gift of them all.

Don't sweat over what to get the person who has everything. With some thought and creativity, you can give a gift that won't break the bank and brings a smile to their face.

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