The holiday shopping season is underway. Is someone on your shopping list pregnant? Six years ago I was that woman, seven months pregnant over the holidays. I could tell my family was stumped as to what gifts to give me. Clothes, wine, sweets, and other fun foods were on the naughty list. I think I received many gift cards that year.

Don't let her baby bump stump you when it comes to gift giving. Here are 10 items that many soon-to-be mamas would love to receive this holiday season.

1. Baby Planner

At a time when she's feeling the most scattered and exhausted is also when she has more to keep track of than ever before. A helpful tool is The Baby Planner: A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Ready For Baby, a colorful 52-page PDF that can be printed and put in a decorated binder or downloaded to a mobile device like the Kindle or iPad. Designed in a month-by-month format, The Baby Planner does everything from offer tips for minimizing expenses to helping her schedule "me time." The planner includes checklists, shopping lists, quotes and advice from moms, and resources to consult. Very handy!

2. Pregnancy Apps

The saying's true: There's an app for that! This is where I'm showing my age, because during my pregnancies, apps were short for apples. Fast forward six years, and you can give your expecting friend, wife, sister, or daughter a variety of pregnancy apps to help her keep track of appointments, which foods to eat and avoid, and recipes for pregnancy-proof mocktails. All at the touch of a finger!

3. Exercise DVDs

Whether she ran marathons before pregnancy or enjoyed leisurely walks around the neighborhood, exercise is important during pregnancy, but it's also different. Her workout routine's going to change with each trimester. From general workouts to Pilates to yoga, there are many pregnancy-safe exercise routines to choose from.

4. Journal

Even if she's not a writer or doesn't usually keep a journal, years from now she'll want to reflect on her thoughts and emotions during pregnancy. Sometimes a journal and accompanying fancy pen are just the tools to get her started. The Tummy Talk pregnancy book lets her journal and store keepsakes from the day she learns the good news to the day she delivers.

5. Jewelry

Speaking from experience, when your belly's ballooning and you're too exhausted to stay awake for Jeopardy, style is the last thing on your mind. But jewelry is always a great gift, especially one with baby in mind. Many pendants combine mother and child themes. Another piece that's both practical and stylish is a teething pendant. Mom will enjoy looking fashionable and her little one can safely chew on it when those chompers break skin.

6. Pregnancy-Friendly Makeup, Lotions, and Beauty Products

Women are advised to steer clear of many products during pregnancy that they otherwise used every day. We're more aware of the harmful effects chemicals can have on our skin and unborn child. Research some baby-friendly beauty products for her to use until the little one arrives.

7. Prenatal Massage

I don't get massages on a regular basis. But the chance to relax in a quiet room while someone rubbed away the pregnancy aches and pains was a welcome break. Massages always make great gifts. Be sure to inquire if a salon offers specific prenatal massages and employs massage therapists familiar with prenatal massage techniques.

8. Manicure and Pedicure

I know so many women who did two things the week before their due date: Got their hair cut and got a manicure or pedicure. One friend even joked, "Just because I can't see my toes doesn't mean they shouldn't look good!"

9. Restaurant Gift Certificate

Give her the gift of time with her husband, friends or family at the restaurant of her choice.

10. Gift Card for Maternity Clothes

This is the year you skip giving her a cashmere sweater or silk top. Maternity clothes can't be bought by anyone else but the mama-in-waiting. A gift card lets her do so.

Next year's holidays will be focused on a new baby in the family. This year, don't forget to focus on the one bringing him into the world.