You want to keep the party going, even if it is a baby shower. Here are some fun baby shower games to play that break the ice and keep guests entertained.

1. Baby Bingo

Print out Baby Bingo cards. Have your guests fill out what they think the expectant mother will receive. Have them write things like receiving blankets, stuffed animals, onesies, washcloths, etc. in the squares. As the mother opens the gifts, each square gets checked off until someone gets BINGO. The winner can get a prize. It's good to have a few winners if it's a large shower. Bonus: This game keeps everyone involved in the gift opening — an otherwise drawn-out ordeal.

2. Bubble Gum Baby

Have each guest chew a piece (or two) of bubble gum. Then, have them shape and mold a baby. Have them place the baby anonymously on a piece of paper, or a paper plate. Then let the new mother decide which baby she likes best. The winner gets the prize. Germaphobe? Use Play-Doh instead.

3. Guess Mommy's Tummy Size

Have the guests cut a length of yarn to fit around the new mommy's tummy, using their best guess. Then, they wrap their piece around the mommy. Whoever gets the closest, wins.

4. Pin the Sperm on the Egg

This is played just like pin the tail on the donkey, except you need to draw an egg on a large piece of butcher paper. Draw a lot of cute sperms and cut them out for each guest. Whoever gets the closest to the egg after being blindfolded, wins. Lets see how many twins you'll get! If you want something a little less biological, you can use a baby instead of sperm, and a pregnant mommy instead of the egg. Have the goal be to get the baby closest to the mommy's belly. You can also use the game accessories pieces from the official website.

5. Baby Mad Libs

Hand out index cards to each guest, including the mommy. Have everyone write on one side of the card a question related to handling a baby. Make sure it isn't a "yes" or "no" question. Then have them flip over the card and pass it to the person on the left. On the blank side, write the answer to the question you asked on the previous card. Then pass the cards over to the pregnant mommy. Let her read the answers. It's a funny game.

6. Guess the Safety Pins

Place a lot of safety pins in a clear jar, making sure you know how many you put in. Then ask the guests to guess the amount of safety pins inside. The person closest wins. (You can also do this with the number of diapers in a diaper cake, or diapers on a diaper wreath.)

7. Baby Picture Fun

This is a little in-depth in the planning arena, but worth it. Have everyone bring their baby pictures. Place the pictures on a collage board, or a cork board with numbers under each one. Then hand out sheets of paper and have each guest guess which person belongs to each baby picture. The person with the most correct wins.

8. Dirty Diaper Hot Potato

Have a clean diaper "soiled" with warmed, melted chocolate. Pass it around a circle of guests until the music stops. The person holding the diaper is out. Continue until there is a winner.

9. Baby Shower Scramble

Here is a free template you can print out for a baby shower word scramble. Print enough for each guess and time the game. Whoever gets the most correct in a certain time, wins.

10. B-A-B-Y-S-H-O-W-E-R

Have the guests spell as many words as they can out of the words "baby shower." Whoever gets the most words, wins.

Buying a few prizes, like candy or cheap candles and soaps from the dollar store, will motivate your guests more and bring out the competitiveness. Hey, you'd be surprised how many elbows will get thrown for a bottle of hairspray. See what things you can avoid getting for the mom-to-be.

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